Medical Scanning

Let DVC Marketing convert your charts, x-rays, accounting information and all paper documents related to the medical field to digital file, and simply import the files into your current EMR (Electronic Medical Records). And now is the time to act as the federal government has mandated this transition, however, they are offering financial assistance to medical offices that work with Medicare and Medicaid. The assistance is only available for a limited time, and the amount is reduced each year after 2011. Medicare incentives will end in 2015 while Medicaid incentives will end in 2021. For details on these incentives click Here. Keeping your patients’ records digitally will:

  • Reduce time locating files
  • Save money with less labor
  • Improves communication for all doctors
  • Quickens decisions with instant access to data
  • Lessens risk to legal issues
  • Improves patients’ confidence
  • Ultimately helps to improve patient care

So why should you choose DVC Marketing? Consider that DVC provides:

  • HIPPA Compliant procedures
  • Document preparation for copy/scan (removal/replacement of clips, staples etc)
  • Scanning of small and large color and B&W documents
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning to provide searchable documents
  • Electronic Discovery (keyword search through OCR files
  • CD/DVD burning of scanned documents
  • Pickup & Delivery of records and documents
  • Database and Electronic File Management