How to Attract the Best Customers With Outstanding Signs

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You’ve got a great product, awesome service, and a competitive location. Now, all you need is an enticing sign that customers can’t resist. Most of all, it needs to get the customer into the store. You can’t put too much information. But, you don’t want to put too little text either. You need to put your best attributes on the sign, but how do you choose? How does a business owner create a sign that brings their perfect customer into their company?

You need to attract them to your store:

You must attract your customer’s attention first. You can attract their attention with bandit signs, banners, colorful window decals and so much more. Know your customer and do what it takes to get them into your store, not the competition. You can’t sell to them if you can’t get them if they don’t come in.

Think about what you are offering and what type of signage works best for you. If you have many sales you will be running back-to-back consider a digital sign. You can change it as need be without waste. If you are promoting product features that will not change week-to-week invest in a static sign for your storefront.

Use the right color scheme:

Your color choice is vital to catch your customer’s eye. Choose something vibrant but tasteful. You don’t want the colors to clash, and the text must be easy to read. Customers won’t strain their eyes to read your sign, they will walk away. Avoid neon colors, rainbow print, and light print on a light background. Primary colors attract the eye. If you can add a splash of red, blue, or yellow into the sign do so if it does not interfere with readability. The outdoor advertising association of America recommends the following coloring combinations for success.

  1. Black and yellow. This combination can be yellow print on a black background or viceĀ versa.
  2. Black and white
  3. White and blue
  4. Green and white

Sign size Matters:

The size of your sign is vital. Think about the location of your sign. If it’s too large, it will fade into the background. If it’s too small customers won’t know it exists. You only have a few seconds to get your prospect’s attention and you need to make those seconds count.

Text size:

The text size should be complementary to the sign’s size. The optimal readability will be ten times the size of the text. If your text is three inches, it is read well from thirty inches away. If the text is six inches high it is read best at sixty inches away. Think about how far your sign will be from people and adjust your size accordingly.

Keep it simple:

The purpose of your sign is to get customers into your store. You have a small window of time to do that. You need your message to be simple and on point. What would get people into the store? A limited time sale? Stellar value propositions? Beautiful visuals? Think about your industry and your customer. Craft a sign that speaks to them.

Don’t put too much information on the sign. You want a maximum of three lines of text. All you are doing is enticing them to come into your store. You don’t need to have your entire mission statement or every product on the sign. It will overwhelm customers and they will walk away.


Your signage needs to be consistent with your brand and logo. You don’t want your sign colors to clash with your logo. If you change your color scheme on a whim it may confuse customers. You want customers to think of your business when they see your logo and business colors. It’s important to be consistent.

A well-crafted sign can make your profits go through the roof. Great signage that attracts ideal customers pays for itself quickly. It’s well worth the investment. Looking to create signage for your company? Let the experts at DVC marketing help. We have helped businesses in several industries develop logos, signage, and apps to attract new and existing customers. Contact usĀ today.

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